Research on demand

We offer to do research specifically tailored to your needs. Below we give some examples:

  • An interview research comprising all the Scandinavian enterprises in the Middle-Eastern country or town of your choice in order to clarify the implications of having business activities in that location in terms of management and contacts with the local authorities. The research will result in a written report. See the page “Management in Iran” as an example.

  • Research aiming at disclosing problems of communication or management in your subsidiary in a given Middle-Eastern country.

  • Research comprising the companies of a specific Scandinavian nationality, (Danish, Norwegian or Swedish) in a country or town of your choice in a Middle-Eastern country in order to clarify the specific conditions on that location for managing a local work force and dealing with the local authorities.
See the page “doing business in the Middle-East and the page “ Management in Iran from a Scandinavian Perspective”.


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