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Since knowing one’s own business culture is essential in any interaction between Scandinavian companies or organizations as well as between Scandinavian enterprises and business partners outside Scandinavia, we offer to make presentations on Management in Scandinavia tailored to your specific needs and topics of interest.

  • What is Scandinavian about Scandinavian management culture?
  • Differences between the Scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • Scandinavia as a model region.
  • Scandinavian management, strengths and weaknesses in a global economy.
  • Scandinavian management compared to other specific countries such as the USA, France, Italy or Islamic countries.
Based on our general knowledge about management practice in Middle-Eastern countries, we offer the following kind of services:

  • Training of Scandinavian managers and personnel in understanding and acting in business contexts in the Middle-East.
  • Training in understanding societal structures of Middle-Eastern countries
  • .
  • Briefing on how to interact with local personnel.
  • Practical tips about relationships between men and women.
  • Briefing on the importance of Islam in Middle-Eastern cultures.


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