Training and Coaching

We offer in-house training programmes created to meet the specific needs of the individual company. Programmes may be half-day to 3 days in length. Since in-house training is often part of an overall corporate strategy, specific company needs should be identified before any training activity is initiated.

We also recommend coaching of those employees in your organization who have contacts with companies in Middle-Eastern countries such as

sales personnel
administrative managers
expatriate project managers or
home based employees
It would also be extremely useful for your activities in the given country to train
local agents or
local key persons
in understanding the values of Scandinavian management and the importance that Scandinavians put on concepts and phenomena such as
 1  hierarchical relations
 2  team-work and participation
 3  decision-making and responsibility
 4  authority and power
 5  coordination
 6  time
 7  corruption
and other important issues that we know from experience to be difficult for non-Scandinavians to comprehend.


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